The Topeka Country Club E-Invitation

Congratulations! You have been personally recommended for membership into The Topeka Country Club. The most successful private clubs are those built around the foundation of enduring relationships and social camaraderie between friends and associates. As you may be aware, The Topeka Country Club is embarking upon an exciting new chapter in the history of our Club! We are committed to providing a vibrant, healthy Club environment that focuses on the entire family. We are a Club on the move, and we cannot wait to share our story with you and your family! We are asking our current Members to assist us in identifying those individuals whom they feel will embrace the culture and tradition of our Club and personally invite them to join. By receiving this personal invitation, you are invited to participate in the “Building On Our Legacy” Preview Membership Initiative; giving you the opportunity to experience one of the friendliest private country clubs in the state. The preview membership opportunity allows you to preview the Club through May 31, 2019, with no up-front initiation fee requirements and REDUCED DUES for new Members until April 1, 2020. While you will have an opportunity to extend your membership beyond the preview membership term by paying the applicable full initiation fee at the end of your preview term, we would like to extend an offer that is hard to beat.

If you secure your membership at any time before July 31, 2018, you will enjoy the following:

- REDUCED DUES; 60% of applicable dues in year 1, and 80% of applicable dues in year 2!

- REDUCED INITIATION FEE and a very flexible staged payment option as well!

Within this exclusive invitation packet, we have enclosed all of the documents you need to become a member of The Topeka Country Club. If you would like to accept this invitation, please complete and return the Application for Membership and Preview Membership Agreement to the Club office.

2700 SW Buchanan Street ●

Topeka, Kansas 66611 ●

(785) 354-8561 ●

Fax (785) 354-7388

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